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  • Pizzaostur Festino IQF 6x2Kg

Pizzaostur Festino IQF 6x2Kg

Vörunúmer: 155006

Magn per sölueiningu: 6

Magn í kassa: 6

A mechanical blend of shredded Mozzarella cheese analog and natural Mozzarella cheese. Festino IQF Mozzarella Pizza Mix modifies the natural Mozzarella characteristics for optimum performance and reduces ingredient cost. Festino IQF Mozzarella Pizza Mix remains softer and more palatable for longer periods on pizzas. It has been designed for excellent melt characteristics in conveyor-type ovens at temperatures not exceeding 280° Celsius. Festino IQF shredded cheese offers all the advantages associated with IQF: • Taste & texture identical to chilled product • Stable quality, bag after bag • Stable flavour profile and melt performance • Easy handling frozen or thawed • Free-flowing without anti-caking additives • Efficient Stock control (18 months’ shelf life) • Minimal product loss

Standard shred 3 x 4 x 16 mm IQF = Individually quick frozen

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